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    I have a small flock of 4 ISA browns that have been laying for a couple months now. We normally get 4 eggs everyday and once in a while one wont lay and we only get 3 egg. Yesterday (sunday), we only got 3 eggs and the same today only 3 eggs. My wife always gets the eggs in the morning since i go to work before the hens lay. She also comes home for lunch and check on the hens.

    This afternoon i got home from work and one hen was walking slow, bow legged, and acting lethargic. Ive done alot of reading and realized that she could be egg bound. I brought her in for a warm epsom salt bath. While giving her a bath i could feel the egg inside her and she acted like she was in pain.after a 25 min soak i set up a dog kennel for her to be in tonight. I came inside to crush a calcium tablet and make a slurry for her, when i came back out to garage she had passed her egg and was acting like her normal self. I put a little of the calcium in her mouth with a syringe just in case. I felt very relived but im still gonna keep an eye on her for a few days.

    He diet is layena crumbles, access to oyster shell everyday, some supervised free ranging, and the get veggie and fruit scraps too.
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    Good that she laid it. Hopefully it doesn't occur again.

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