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Jun 6, 2017
HELP!!! Our 1 year old khakhi Campbell has been diagnosed as egg bound. We took her to an avian vet on Saturday. She did an X-ray and ultrasound. She says she sees an unshelled egg. Gave her a calcium shot, and gave us calcium med, antibiotic and pain reliever. Told us to bring her back today if she had not laid the egg. Today did a procedure under anesthesia to try to remove the egg from her. No success. Now she wants to give her oxytocin on Thursday to see if she will lay the egg. If not the only option would be surgery. We love this girl. So worried
Sounds like your vet is taking care of her.
Good for you for getting her there in time.
Please update on Thursday after your visit.
Can I ask:
Before Saturday..when do you begin to think something was wrong with her/symtoms?
Can I ask:
Before Saturday..when do you begin to think something was wrong with her/symtoms?
She molted for the last 2 weeks, no eggs during the molt. Wasn't finishing her water dish in her cage at night last week. Her quacking seemed deeper sounding beginning Thursday last week or so. By Friday my gut said something wasn't right. I did a lot of reading about egg bound. Immediately started warm baths and contacted vet late Friday night. Brought her in early Saturday morning and continued baths, steam room since then. She's eating and drinking which is good. Not very interested in her duck feed but we've been giving her tomatoes, lettuce, cantaloupe and she did eat some duck feed
Yesterday and today.
Update on our Peeko duckie. Unfortunately the inducing procedure did not work either. So our last resort is surgery, scheduled for tomorrow morning. I hoping and praying for a good outcome. I'm so worried.
Unfortunately inducing didn't work either. She's scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. So worried. Good thoughts and prayers are appreciated for our feather baby Peeko

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