Egg bound mass is under another membrane


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May 31, 2014
Hello yolks!
I'm wondering if my hen is NOT egg bound. I thought it was when symptoms came on slowly about a week ago, hen starting to sit down and not walking with other hens. Finally she was not able to roost in the coop and slept on the floor; could not jump out of the coop or use the ramp. I brought her inside and for a few days now she cannot walk or even stand. She lays down after trying to walk. I thought the mass I feel was an egg. After trying many recommendations I could find, such as liquid calcium in the water, warm bath, 24 hrs in a steamy shower room, KY jelly into vent with syringe, I finally inserted a finger to feel for an egg. What I found was a mass about the size of an egg below another membrane. In other words there was no egg to be felt in the cloaca. I did a gentle probe and search; she even pushed a lot while I pressed on her abdomen from outside to help the mass to come to the vent. It is not in that same physical area. So now, I don't know what we have here. The mass seems not to be getting larger day by day. She eats well, is alert, drinks, talks, poops, and sometimes a blob of light yellow, firm matter, like fat, comes out. Because she poops regularly, I don't think it's an egg in the vent. The vent also seems to be working overtime to push someone out; but it's not coming. What could be happening below that? I'm searching diagrams but admittedly am not a vet. Appreciate any help.


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I'm sorry. I would guess is that she is an internal layer. The mass you are feeling may be the "internally layed" eggs. The yellow stuff sounds like what this sort of mass looks like at post mortem. I can imagine a couple of other possible processes that are going on internally -- but whatever it is, I don't think it will be resolved without the aid of an avian vet, if indeed a vet could correct the problem, except perhaps by hysterectomy -- a risky procedure without a good prognosis.

If you are not familiar with internal laying, here are a couple of threads: (GRAPHIC) (see esp. post 92)

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