Egg Bound or Broody How To Tell The Difference???

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    I have a silkie that started laying back in January. She is my smallest bird and lays itty bitty eggs. She is usually good for an egg every other day. So if in fact she is broody this is not a big deal egg wise. But since Saturday she has been sitting on a nest. She has moved around to different nests some with no eggs to sit on (one reason I worry about her being egg bound) and I know she did lay an egg yesterday because my son found it under her, so I am leaning to broody but how do you know??

    Last night after it got dark I went out and she was still sitting on a nest so I moved her up to the roost. She is also my friendliest bird and she did not put up a fight with me except the I can't see it's dark squawk when her feet touched the roost.

    I am concerned about her not eating and drinking enough. Do I need to be concerned with that if it's broodiness? I won't put her in a cage and hang it as I have read.

    So after all of that, I guess I am curious how to tell the difference between broodiness and egg bound so I know how to treat it.?.?
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    I guess you should start by feeling around with your hand in the belly area towards the bum and feel for an abnormal amount of softness, like a beer belly. At the same time you could feel for a hard object naturally being the egg.

    Now for her being broody. Is she losing any feathers around her lower chest area almost underneath her? If so plus the fact you say she sits on a nest all night empty or not, she doesn't roost with the others. She could very well be broody. One way to find out is to put her egg or eggs in 1 nesting box, her favorite one if she has 1. Mark the eggs with a date (todays) and watch her for a couple of days. See if there are more eggs added in the next couple of days.

    If the other birds use different nesting boxes and she has no eggs, she if broody will probably go to their box and sit on their eggs. If so and she wiggles and squirms when you put your hand under her in the nesting box then she probably is broody. Hope this long story helps tell the difference somewhat... Steve
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    It helps. I'm thinking broody. I went out and she did not lay anything today but she is now sitting on my EE's eggs that were laid today. When I open the box she puffs up but she does not make any noise. I am able to pet her and she closes her eyes.

    Will she get up to eat and drink? Do I need to bring anything for her? We have no roo so should I just pull the eggs or let her have her mommy moment? Will this impact the rest of the flock?

    Thanks for responding.
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    If the eggs arent fertile,you should definitely break her. Being broody is really hard on a hens body and if there is no end result, I wouldnt put her through that.
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    Hi ..... just searching the difference between eggbound and broody and read your mail
    I think your chook is broody for sure. I've had chooks for sometime now and what you're describing defiantly sounds like she's wanting to sit. Don't worry about water and food, she will come off the nest when she needs to and after 20-22 days you should have chick, if shes sitting on fertile eggs. If you don't have fertile eggs buy some off the internet or from a neighbour and put them under her, she'll love you for it!! [​IMG]
    If this mail is old .... well, next time .... [​IMG]
    PS; please don't hang her or break her beak ....[​IMG]

    Have fun

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