Egg bound or heat stroke? Please help!


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Jul 1, 2014
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I am chicken-sitting for my best friend today. We started out flocks together this spring and I have given her two of my 10 24 week old Buff Orpingtons. I believe all of mine are laying. One of hers started laying about 6 weeks ago and the bigger one, T-Rex, hasn't started yet. She got home yesterday to find t-Rex falling asleep while standing. Pretty lethargic. She would try to eat and fall asleep while doing it. Other than that no symptoms. Clear eyes, nose, and mouth. She checked her vent and didn't feel anything, but believed she was feeling an egg so she bathed her for 40 minutes, have her sugar water with coconut oil, yogurt, and tums. No egg. She called this morning and said she was acting fine. I got her this morning to watch over her while she works and I don't think I am feeling an egg. She was walking around my kitchen. I feel her pelvic bones, but nothing that makes me think egg. Maybe I am not feeling right. The only thing that concerns me is that she should be laying by now for her breed and age.
She has been drinking, eating, and pooping since last night.

Was is he just over-heated? What should we be looking for if she is egg bound?


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Mar 27, 2013
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If she's walking normally (no penguin waddle) and eating, drinking, pooping fine and her eyes look bright, her comb looks healthy and not blue-ish tinged, she's most likely fine. Could have been heat stress or any number of other things that can cause an "off" day. But if she looks and acts normal today, I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep a close eye on her in case she shows some other symptoms.

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