Egg bound or tumor??

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    Hello, all!

    My tame 2 year old hen, B-bird, has developed some sort of hardened lump in her back end. I have soaked her in warm water and probed the vent to see if it is a bound egg. The lump is above when I insert my finger, not in the tract. I have tried gently massaging it down, but there is only tissue there. Also seems to be another lump inside her right leg. Could this be an egg-sized tumor or is she egg bound, with two eggs?
    She is eating and drinking, stands most of the time - painful I'm guessing. She waddles when she walks. Poops mostly liquid since she is drinking like a fiend. Some solids pass. I've isolated her and tried 4 days of antibiotics, but no change. Any thoughts?
  2. I suggest you go to the vet

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