Egg bound... Or worse


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Nov 26, 2013
Hi all

One of my girls is really poorly.

She's a black star and she's a big girl (we chose her cos she's huge)

A few days ago I noticed her being a bit more sedentary than usual. And by the way she is by far the laziest hen I have ever seen on a good day.

Anyway I saw her in the old tail down hunched up posture and thought here we go again, cocci !

But on closer inspection I saw she was waddling, swollen belly and twitchy vent.

Gave her a warm bath, and she did a few poos so at least she can pass. For now.

Any way it's day three and still no improvement. I "Inspected" cant feel anything as such. Administered oliv oil. Both ends. And had to force feed her water and yogurt (top end of course) because she won't eat or drink.

Yesterday day she past something resembling rubber egg shell. And as soon as I opened her rest box and she saw it she ate half of it... Nearly put me off my breakfast.

Today's poop is a mixture of green (mushy peas colour) and white. Her abdomen still large but I can't feel anything like an egg. It's all just spongy.

Her he'd looks fine, she seems alert and almost "normal" comb and wattle full and colourful. But she walks about 4 labored steps and rest as best she can with her belly off the ground.

Going back a few months I saw one of the other hens eat what appears to be shell less egg tpstraight out of her bottom. Sorry for that image.

Any ideas.

Sadly vet is out of the question as my local vet office actually laughed when I said I need help with one of my hens.

And when I asked the farm I got her from (all my hens came from a meat farm, except the silkies) the farmer told me how they deal with a sick hen. Which at this rate is what it will come to as I don't want her to suffer.
Was the egg like a "lash egg" (see link below).

With the symptoms you describe she may have a reproductive/internal laying disorder like Peritonitis, Salpingitis, cancer or tumors.
You can offer her some vitamins in her water and encourage her to eat. Some relief may be acheived by giving her soaks in a epsom salts bath. If it is an internal disorder, then usually antibiotics will only give some supportive relief but will not "cure".

The only other thing I can think of is possibly worms - if she has never been wormed, then you may want to consider that, but with the swollen belly, most like internal problem.

Salpingitis/Lash egg:

Peritonitis/internal laying problems:

What poop can look like in internal laying/repro disorders:

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