Egg Bound? Prolapsed Vent? Not Sure!

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    Apr 8, 2012
    Hi everyone, I have been reading like crazy all day and just need to post my own issue.

    I have seen several pics of a prolapsed vent and my chicken doesn't quite look like that. Sorry I don't have access to a camera. her vent is protruding and egg shaped, but I don't feel a hard egg inside. Her vent is red, but the insides aren't quite sticking out of her bum. She has been like this for 1.5 days. I have been giving her warm baths, cleaning her, putting preparation H and antibiotic ointment on her. I did lubricate my finger and gently tried to feel around. Blood started to come out from her vent. I don't think it was from her though. She is very vocal and expresses when she doesn't like something and she didn't say peep when the blood started and it seemed like old blood. Dark, not red and with a very bad smell. I immediately stopped what I was doing and it seemed like she felt better. She was able to pass some poop that was more normal than just the watery drainage that has been coming out and the poop smelled awful. (More than usual) Is there an egg in there? Should I try to help her pass it like some of the other posts say?

    Newbie here, PLEASE help. She is about one year old and has been laying eggs without any problems for about 4 months.

    Thank you!

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