Egg bound?

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    I currently have my 18 month Buff Orpington, Holly soaking in a tub of warm water with Epsom salts. Yesterday I noticed she was pink/red swollen and firm - not hard under her vent. She is currently molting steadily and has lost feathers already in the same area. She seems to be eating, drinking, pooping and behaving normally. She has not laid an egg in a couple of months, but has never been my best layer. We did have stressors of bumble foot and the introduction of a new rescue silkie hen. Holly has been the lowest in the pecking order until the silkie, who she pecks at. I'm going to see how she feels after a soak and resting period. I've been reading every thread and article on egg bound hens and egg yolk Peritonitis. Any help is appreciated! We have been worried sick about her and will see our vet if necessary. Thank you!!! - Karin

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    If she is molting, she should not be laying eggs anyway. Many times you can feel a stuck egg by inserting one finger an inch or two inside the vent. They can start showing symptoms of egg peritonitis, internal laying, or ascites (fluid collecting in the belly from peritonitis, liver or heart failure) at this age. Not much can be done for any of those to prolong life, but with ascites, sometimes fluid can be removed at intervals to make breathing easier and to ease pain. Ascites causes a tight balloon-like lower belly, and internal laying or peritonitis can cause a fullness in the abdomen and sometimes weight loss through the breast or keel. There are several videos on YouTube about draining fluid from ascites. Hopefully, your hen is not sick with any of these things. Here are some articles to read and a thread about ascites:

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