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Apr 3, 2011
When my girls first started to lay about a month ago I found an egg on the floor and 2 hens were pecking it open. Since then I build a box and put it on the floor and am getting 1-3 eggs in it a day. This has kind of defeated the reason for putting the outside access egg boxes that are about 2 feet off the floor. I was wondering if I took the floor box out if they would start using the outside access egg boxes up the wall. Thoughs?

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Is it portable? I'd do it like you do a puppy that has trained on pee pads, you move the pee pads until they are in front of the door, then slowly move them out into the yard. You could try by slowly moving that nest box, if portable, to where they would enter the nests you want them to use, and put some golf balls or fake eggs in those so they see that is where they need to go. They are creatures of habit so be slow about it!

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