Egg but no shell?


7 Years
Nov 17, 2012
Great Britain
My chicken is almost 3 years now and she has just come out of broodiness (however we don't have a rooster) but the main part is today she layed an egg but it had to shell, it looked like a balloon. I don't know whats wrong so any suggestions would be helpful!
Is it possible she laid two eggs in one day? If so sometimes the second egg won't have a shell.

I assume her eggs generally look normal right? She isn't calcium deficient.
It's perfectly normal for a hen who's just taken a long break from laying to have a few misfires while she gets back into the swing of things. The egg probably just moved too fast and skipped the part where there shell is applied. As she gets back into practice, she should start laying normally again. :)

Good luck.

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