Egg/chick eating snakes


6 Years
Jan 3, 2014
Wellford, SC
I think I would really love the opportunity to vent with this post. I have had an issue with an inordinate number of snakes eating my eggs or chicks this summer. What made matters worse; I seriously broke my ankle in late spring and was not able to take precautions, as I should. I am sick from killing snakes. I spent money on snake repellent, which was a joke. I tried as best I could to prevent rats, yet I lost around 20 eggs/chicks that I know of, probably more to snakes this summer. I felt so helpless which was magnified by my inability to walk. My ankle was broken in half, and I had to have plates on the inside an outside, and I just couldn't do much. What a horrible summer! We killed 7 snakes this summer! WHAT THE HAYE, MAN!!
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Our property is on the edge of 20+ acres of forest. I think the critters who live there sees our place as the dinner plate. Snakes give me the creeps the way they eat baby chicks and eggs... Thanks for the well wishing, though.
I am sorry to hear about your loss but my first thought is that I hope your recovery goes healthily and smoothly without any more set-backs!
Get 'healed' soon...

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