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    Week of: Colors: Enter # of eggs for each color for each day collected.
    Day of Week Blue Green Pink Lt Brown Brown Dk Brown White Total for each day
    Total for each color:

    Here is an egg collecting chart I created in Excel. It is only 1 of 4 weeks. I have it where 4 weeks fit nicely on 1 page in Landscape Orientation. I know there are only a few colors here, but this is created mostly to what colors I had been getting, I do not get some of these colors anymore, and sometimes the Easter Egger eggs, (use to have 3 hens, now only 1) look more blue some days and others look more pale blue-green. The pink I think was just result of bloom, and the Drk Brown is the Welsummer eggs, but sometimes my Buff have a darker shell than the Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red.

    I am also looking for a chart for Broody Hens, to keep track of the date they are candled and the out come such as veins, dark spot, movement expectant hatch day, and actual hatch day? I don't know what else might be pertinent to keep track of....

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