egg color and shape is there


10 Years
May 26, 2009
a Site or a book that shows what the differnt breeds eggs look like I thought I saw some where and now can't find it. I have a speckled egg that I want to figure out who is responsible for it. The only two I catch in the nest box are the andalusians and I know which eggs are theirs.

Well for anyone else I found this on here

Didn't help figure out my speckled egg but has me thinking the egg I thought was from my sumatra wasn't I had found a feather with the egg so thought it was hers
I finally caught her in the next box and it is my hatchery tried to be a cuckoo maran hen Yippee nice to know who it is but she lays infrequently oh well

The hens I have
3 Andalusians 2 are laying
1 Sumatra
1 Blue Cochin
2 WL Red Cornish
1 Cuckoo Maran (hatchery legs are wrong color appearantly)
1 Siver Penciled Rock
1 White Black Polish
1 Silver Phoenix
2 Gold Phoenix
1 Sicillian Buttercup

Batteries are dead in camera so no picture. Egg is more oblong than others and is brown with specks the very first egg was not brown and speckled but was the same shape I assume it is the same hen

any ideas
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