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Morning Chicken People. We have an americuna that has been laying green eggs until the last couple of days. Now they are white. Why is this? Is it something in their feed?
Nope it's one of 4 chickens we have. 3 Americunas and 1 barred rock. Grandbaby got the egg as soon as she came out of coop singing her "egg song".
I would be more likely to suspect the barred rock - just because of what I know of how egg color works.

There are 2 "base" colors for eggs - blue or white

They can also add brown "paint" to their eggs to make them either brown (white base) or green (blue base)

An ameraucauna shouldn't be able to change its base color.

I don't know - I would be really interested if it was really the ameraucana who was laying it.
All of my birds are hatchery quality, including my EEs. With few exceptions, all have color changes to their eggs. At the beginning of a cycle, my brown egg layers lay dark brown eggs. As the cycle continues, they lighten before starting all over as dark again. Same goes for my EEs.

I mention that they are HQ, because I believe (but don't know for sure) that has something to do with it.
Dark then light is normal. Maybe your EE just is at the end and it's such a light green it looks white?
Interesting. Our barred rock lays brown, always. I have noticed that the blue greens ones change shades, so that's probably it. Our girls aren't quite a year old yet and have just started laying everyday, so shade variation makes sense. Thanks ladies.
One of our EEs started laying a very light green egg. Lately, her eggs have been so pale we have to hold them next to a white egg to see that there is any color. It is probably just a pale variation of her original color.

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