Egg Color Guesses?


Sep 30, 2018
I bought 5 chicks a while ago, the surviving 4 are now 8 months old. I know which one is the Black Copper Maran, as she was the one I went to buy, the others were just to meet the minimum chick order. I told the lady I wanted colorful eggs. I know she said one was a blue egg layer, one a green, and one an EE, then she threw in an extra in case one turned out to be a roo. Now I am left with 2 chickens that will lay mystery eggs. Anyone have any guesses?
Rio, a big bodied, solid white girl with big waddles.

Nessy, a more petite, not so snowy white girl, with a few black spots.
Large white hen in the first photo looks like a white rock, red earlobes give that away. And she will lay brown eggs. The one standing next to her is a male but I’m assuming that you are aware of this. Looks like that might be your copper Marans by the coloring. The second white hen with the black flex looks like an Easter Egger and will likely lay green or blue eggs.😊
Update: Rio, the big fluffy white hen laid her first egg. It is a light tan. Pictured next to one of the Maran eggs.

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