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    May 20, 2007
    My pullets started laying at almost 20 weeks; they are 22 1/2 weeks now. I have 2 NH Reds, 2 Ameracaunas/EEs, and 1 Silver Spangled Hamburg. (They started laying - of course - while we were on vacation; my cat/chicken/garden lady gave the egg to her cousin as it was his 10th birthday - he was thrilled! And, as I couldn't have it, so was I [​IMG])

    My question - there was one brown egg yesterday late, and two brown eggs this morning. Is it possible that one of the EEs is laying brown eggs? (The place I got them said they were Ameracaunas, not EEs - not that I really care about that) I have found 2 brown eggs several times, but so far the green eggs are coming singly. From what I read I didn't think it was possible that 2 brown layers (the NHRs) could give me 3 brown eggs in less than 18 hours. I'm quite sure of the time of last night's laying, as the girls had been making lots of noise all day, and I kept going out to check [​IMG] - and that was yesterday's only egg.
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    Yes, EEs can lay brown eggs.

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