egg color?

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    I have 6 hens, 3 were supposed to be born in March (at some point) and 3 were hatched at the end of march. We've had 1 girl laying pretty consistently, in the nest. A greenish color egg. Over the weekend is when we got the 2nd set of 3, the younger ones. Since then, the eggs have been laid in the middle of the coop instead of the nesting box where they had been. Well today, the egg we got was more blue than green.... Can the egg color change a different shade as the chicken gets bigger? We're still getting the smaller eggs from her. Or is it more likely that a 2nd hen had started laying and we haven't gotten an egg from the 1st one yet?
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    I haven't had that happen with my EEs or Ameracaunas; they each lay a distinctly different shade of green or blue egg.

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