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    I debated where to post this- I hope I picked right:)

    So, I have some really nice laying birds, and am not real concerned with high production, the kids and I have fun with them in the yard, and I am looking to add some color to our egg carton palet.

    We have some pretty blue eggs, and some shades of light browns and pink-ish off whites
    but I know there are some nice breeds that lay dark chocolate eggs
    and I remember reading about some speckled eggs I want to say

    what are some breeds I may want to look at? Or maybe a link that has an egg color chart?

    Thank you for your time !
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    Welsummers and Marans are both "dark egg" breeds. I think the breed list here on BYC lets you sort by egg color.
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    Aug 29, 2007
    Kitsap County, WA
    thank you! Found it!
    I did not see any spotted or speckled listed... maybe it is just a quirk any breed could have, and not really a standard thing?
  4. Illia

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    Spots and Speckles often show up in any popular hatchery/production laying breed, yes, and they also show up a lot in Marans and Welsummers.

    The dark eggs are from Marans and Welsummers, however you are not going to find any truly dark and beautiful eggs from hatcheries. . . The search and money for breeder quality Marans is WELL worth it though! [​IMG]
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