Egg color

It all depends on the parents.
I have an Americana roo and a white leghorn hen, the americana would layb a blue-green if a girl, and the white leghorn lays a white. What will there baby lay?
It helps to know "Who's the Daddy".

My experience:

A "blue andalusian", hatched from a perfectly white egg. Must have had a brown-egged daddy, because she lays beautiful cream colored eggs.

3 muts that came from your typical brown eggs (Production Red mommas). Their daddy was an "americana" and all 3 lay olive/green eggs.

2 muts that came from very light blue eggs. They must have had a brown-egged daddy too, because they lay light brown eggs without a trace of blue.
What colors are dominant? I have what I believe to be a Welsummer mut roo (Berry White) and 28 hens of all descriptions. I was wondering if the brown was usually the dominate "gene" or if the blues or whites were generally dominant?
snowk, not sure if you can say dominant/recessive with egg color, but it's something like this...

white eggs = no color all the way through
brown eggs = brown pigment laid over white (usually)
blue eggs= blue all the way through
green/olive eggs = brown pigment laid over blue

There there are many variations on those colors.
What color it hatched from doesn't mean anything towards what color it will lay unless it's a purebred chicken. I have leghorn mix's that lay brown eggs. needless to say they hatched from white eggs. The hens they came from were leghorn the rooster was a "mutt" of the chicken world.

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