Egg colour/pattern change? 8mo hens


6 Years
Jul 30, 2017
My girls lay beautiful minty green eggs. But within the last week, one of my girls eggs have been more olive tinting, also with spots. Then today’s egg is the normal minty with a splotch of white. I assume all is well, but it’s a little curious to me?
The first photo is the difference between her and her sisters egg (who has stayed consistent in her egg colour)
Color can change on eggs. An interesting tidbit about blue/green eggs is part of the pigment is derived from bilirubin, which is a component of their blood so the color can be more taxing to produce than other colors. In general pigment on eggs lighten up as they lay more. An occasional glitch will produce an egg like you are seeing.
Only one green layer in your flock?
Those look like 3 different 3 different birds,
as shape is much less likely to change than color.

Blue in shell is from bilirubin,
but change in green color day to day, and across season, is more likely from variance in brown coating.
@oldhenlikesdogs - fascinating! Thank you for the info!

@aart - I noticed the change in shape too! I just assumed it was shifting from the sweet little first egg (much smaller) I’ve got two green egg layers, but the second and third photos are from one girl. Super odd! My cute little weirdos
Are you absolutely positive?
Did they just start laying?
There can be some change in shape but...not much.

I’m pretty positive.. they have never laid in the same spot. And I’ve only seen Eloise lay where I’ve found those eggs (in the coop),
I found her egg and found Maisey’s egg the same day, where she normally lays.
They started laying feb 6
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