Egg cracked on day 19 :(


8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
My hen has been sitting on 3 eggs and all were moving at day 16 candling, today (day 19 or 20) i went out to find that another hen has decided to lay in her nest box and broken the egg at the bottom (just broken into the air sac), there was a tiny bit of blood under the shell. I stopped the bleeding with flour but should i throw this egg out now? does bleeding mean certain death?
I've blocked her nestbox off from the others now but is that too little too late for chicky?!
I had one crack late in incubation before. I put some clear nail polish and bits of scotch tape over the crack and a few days later it hatched!

I've heard people use candle wax to seal them back up too. If it's in the air sac and not in the membrane, I'd say your little egg has a good chance.

Edit to add: Are you sure he's not pipping early? I've had 2 broodies hatch their eggs on day 20 this summer.
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Definitely doesn't look like pipping sadly. i would like to say he has a good chance too because it is just the air sac, the only worrying part is just at the edge where the air sac meets the shell there is a bit of blood so i'm worried it may have cracked a tiny bit past the air sac
i guess it's just time to hold tight to wait and see! What day would you leave it to before throwing out the egg?
Is your broody a pretty good sport? This last hatch, I had 2 eggs that hatched 2 days later than the others. Mama let me lift the eggs a few times and I could hear chirping. I'd try to do that tomorrow to see if he's alive. The nice thing about broodies is we don't have to stress about messing up the temp and humidity. If you have no pips, chirps or movement by day 23, I'd take a look to see what happened.
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