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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by SonnyGirl, Mar 11, 2012.

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    Oct 18, 2011
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    Hi everyone. I have a hen that's been laying for a month. I decided to try candling (first time). I removed 6 that were either clear or had obvious blood rings, but the rest looked developed. They were real dark with a definite air sac and they looked just like the photos I've seen of developed eggs. My flashlight wasn't bright enough to see veins or individual features though so I'm going to buy a floodlight and make a candler later today. Here's my question though.. She isn't really sitting on them during the DAY. From around 11am to 5 or 6pm she comes out and forages. When she goes back in at night, she hops right back on the eggs and acts like a doting mother, never leaves them, doesn't even come down to eat (at least while Im there). So.. I'm wondering if it's even possible that these eggs are developed?? I mean, they're in a coop and I've been keeping my two heating lamps on so it doesn't get freezing in there.. but the lamps aren't right near the eggs and it's winter in NY, so they don't stay very warm. In fact, I check the eggs during the day and they eventually feel cold with her not on them. So.. can they still be developing?? I'm worried that even with a brighter light I might not feel confident in my candling analysis, so I'd really appreciate some feedback!! Thanks to anyone who takes the time to share a response/thoughts/opinions on this :)

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