Egg didn't hatch - Chick too big?

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    Dec 1, 2012
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    I am new to all this and am learning a lot on here - thank you everyone. I just tried incubating 27 bantam cochin and silkie eggs, and, unfortunately, only 2 hatched. After checking everything out, I believe the temperature was inconsistent in the front and back of my incubator.

    Upon examining the unhatched eggs, most were in later stages of development. However, there was one fully formed perfect looking little silkie. When I cracked the top, there was no air space at all! She took up the ENTIRE egg and barely fit. What happened? I waited 'til day 24 to open the eggs - could she have grown in there until running out of air & room? The rest of the eggs had plenty of space. Like I said, I'm still learning, so any help is appreciated.

    Of the 2 that hatched, one black cochin pipped and hatched within 15 mins, and one white silkie that pipped and was the same 8 hrs later, so I helped her out. Both seem healthy and very active.
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    Temperature and humidity plays a big part in the development of embryos and is often the cause for failed hatches. I found a good guide to incubation problems that may help you:

    Hope you have a better hatch next time!

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