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    May 31, 2012
    I posted this in the egglaying forum but think I may have put it in the wrong forum so I am posting it here too.. I hope that is ok...

    In June we got out first chickens. They started laying about two months ago. In the last 2 weeks one of the chickens started laying a dull colored (they are all brown layers), thin eggs that had rough texture (hard bumpy pieces on the surface of the shell). Tonight my husband said he noticed that some of the whites were runny and he thinks its from the thin shelled eggs. At first I thought that this one chicken wasn't getting enough calcium so I gave them some oyster shell and was throwing the empty shells back into the run for them to eat. It seemed to get better for a few days... I would get 6 eggs and we have 6 chickens so I knew the one who was laying the dull, thin eggs was laying and all the eggs were in good shape... but then it started happening again.

    My questions:
    Does this sound like egg drop syndrome?
    I am in Virginia. I am seeing that EDS is not common in the US.. Is that true?
    If it is egg drop syndrome is it safe to eat the eggs?
    Will the chicken get over egg drop syndrome on it's own? Could it kill the chicken?
    Will it just go through the whole flock?

    We don't wash our eggs because I worry about getting stuff in the pores. Is this wrong? I just wash my hands after handling the eggs and put the eggs directly in the ceramic egg holder in the fridge right from the coop. Should I start washing them?

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    Western NY
    ...Looking forward to some answers about EDS........~Beulah
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    Would like to know too.

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