Egg eater?


Jul 16, 2017
La Crosse, WI
Hey all,
I recently added three new birds to my flock, and one of the eggs today had a hole in it. Is this egg eating or did someone step on it? I’ve also had another egg in there in the nesting box to show them where to lay and that one hasn’t been broken. Thoughts?


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I have a pecker head that does the same thing. I have one hen that almost always peck's a hole in a egg, almost never busts the membrane inside so I just use that egg first. We have golfballs and ceramic eggs in all nest boxes but the one pecker head wont stop.
I would set out a separate dish of Oyster Shells, they'll eat it if needed. Is this the first time this happened? Could have been an oops.

Sometimes egg eating/feather picking is due to layers needing more protein. I :fl never experienced the problem but did have a issue of feather eating. Read an article about layers needing more protein than layer feed provides. Made sense to me so I switched (3yrs ago) to Flock Raiser with Oyster Shells in a separte dish ... feather picking stopped and never had issues with the shells.

It was explained that it takes alot out of the layer to process and lay that egg, the egg itself is protein. So it made sense to me ... For extra protein some feed scrambled eggs, BOSS, MW and tofu. Yup Tofu ... didn't think they'd eat it but they loved it.

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