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    Feb 24, 2009
    I'm trying to incorporate some new chickens into my flock. I built a new larger coop for all of them. My red hen gets along with the new chickens fine but I have 3 game mutt hens that are being difficult . They even pick on the new rooster.(the only rooster) I only had hens before and wanted a rooster so I could get some chicks. I got 3 Ameraucanas 2 laying hens and a rooster. He is a very sweet roo he was hand raised and will come right to you to be picked up. He is only 4 or 5 months old and I don't think he has figured out he is supposed to be in charge. This morning I went to go check on them and there was one blue egg in a laying box when I went in to get it it had been smashed open and eaten. This is the first time I have seen this. What do you do about this. I am tempted to eat the game mutt hens they are being a big pain in the a..
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    I just posted a moment ago-same problem. Just this morning my 1 yr old hens decided to start eating their eggs. Ohh yummy-look what came out of my own butt! [​IMG] Anyway, I emptied an egg, squirted mustard in it put it out there and they ALL (10 hens) immediately ate the blasted thing! Grabbed the egg shell as soon as I realized the experiment was not going to work. Any ideas?
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    Collect eggs a couple times a day, add golf balls or wooden eggs to the nest boxes. You can also make a curtains to go around the boxes. Roll away nests is another good idea.
    You can also cull the egg eating hen. I do. It is a bad habbit that they will teach to the other chickens.

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