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  1. im not sure where to post this but i have a rose comb rhode island red batam with a RIRRB hen and OEGB hen. i havent found any eggs in there for months now. well today i found egg shells. i suspect i have an egg eating chicken. how do u fix this? i dnt know what chicken it is, i know its not the RIR hen cuz ive had her seperate and she would lay eggs and not mess with them. so maybe its the rooster or the other hen....or something else??/

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    Sometimes mine eat the eggs too. [​IMG] I come home at lunch and gather eggs and feed them treats, that helps a little. I have it on my list to build a slanted floor for my nest box. That would really help as the eggs would roll away from them before the cannibals could eat their unhatched young. [​IMG] So just what is egg eating anyway???? Chicken abortion??? I think I will call Child Protective Services on these terrible chicken mommies--or UNmommies as the case may be.

    Of course the slanted floor would work MUCH better if I could get the losers of the Mommy Chicken of The Year to lay in the nest box instead of the poop board under their roost............. [​IMG]

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