Egg eating anomaly?

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9 Years
Apr 15, 2010
Forest Grove, OR
My 4 girls are 26 weeks old and have been laying for about a month. There were a few soft shell, or no shell eggs in the beginning, but they seemed to have worked it all out. Today, however, I hear my BR singing the egg song, and to my horror, 3 of them are in the coop furiously pecking at egg yolk. She had laid a shell-less egg with a broken, although thick, membrane. They never did this before when "mistakes" were laid. They just ignored them. Please tell me this is an anomaly and they won't now try to get into the good eggs.

(They are fed layer feed and always have a dish of oyster shell mixed with baked, crushed egg shell available. They get treats in moderation of BOSS, meal worms, greens and sometimes yogurt. There are golf balls in the nesting box - which. because they are so hard, some have suggested that this will discourage pecking too hard at an egg.)

Thank you.
I mix in my oyster shell with the feed. I probably waste a little of it because of this but it keeps the shells hard.

Get some porcelain eggs for the nest boxes.

They peck into those a time or two and they'll get discouraged.

I actually had one hen that pecked through a golf ball to it's center. She is no longer with us.
But do they ever do this to a defective egg and then leave the good ones alone, or once they've tasted raw yolk, is that it, they're "addicted?"
More weirdness. Within the hour of laying the shell-less egg, she laid this!


Oh! And now she's back sitting in the box again.
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