Egg-eating hen tips?

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    Over the course of the last week and a half, there have been broken and remains of eggs in the nests. At first, I thought nothing of it. Chickens break eggs sometimes; it happens. Then it started happening pretty much daily. Then I knew I had an egg eater. One of the tough parts is done: finding the culprit (and she couldn't look more guilty either). My only Mottled Houdan girl, looking quite content sitting on the roost with yolk all in her beard and her crest. I have read several articles on egg eaters and she is isolated now with mustard filled eggs in a nest box. I've read somewhat mixed statements on how effective this method is, due to taste buds etc. If this fails, we'll probably move on to pinless peepers. I really would not like to cull a perfectly healthy chicken, but am not against it if all else fails. Any other tips?
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    Well I haven't delt with that before but I wouldn't isolate her cause then she will know something is up and I would just put her back with one mustards filled egg in every nest
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    Had this same problem. My husband built a rollout nest box. The nest box is slightly canted to the outside and he added a tray on the outside of the poultry palace for the eggs to roll to. Lined the nest box and the tray with outdoor carpeting and put a lid on the tray. Now, when they lay the egg immediately rolls out of the nest box into the tray and out of sight. Advantage, of course, is the easy access to the eggs for us egg-gatherers. We have eight hens (Ameracanas and Cuckoo Marans) and for the first time since they began laying, we gathered eight eggs yesterday.
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    I too have never had this problem but I attribute that to implementing Opa's rollout design from day 1. Such a simple thing to do to ensure the eggs don't stick around long enough for the chooks to wonder what they might taste like and it makes daily collection super-simple.

    Rollout boxes are highly recommended if you can retrofit.
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    Thanks for all of your replies! I thought I had only one culprit, but turns out there's more than one. Still had broken eggs after I took the Houdan out. A Light Brahma has now joined her in "prison." We're just going to go with the sure-fire way and build some rollout boxes. Should be done by the weekend and then the two naughty girls can re-join the flock. [​IMG]
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