Egg Eating - read other threads, still have questions

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    Ok, here's my deal... I have 8 pullets, two of whom I are for sure laying. The leghorn didn't give us any trouble when she started. We just had cute little white eggs - no problem!
    Then another started, and we think it's an EE, but not sure... After about 2 weeks, there started to be little cracks in her egg shells that COULD have been from her pecking them, although I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, and after all, I check for eggs several times a day, so I should be there pretty quickly, right?
    We haven't had near as many eggs recently, and I figured, "could be cyclical, could be eating, could be..." But, I got a little worried about that, and that they might get mad that I was taking the eggs (sure, laugh at the noob) so yesterday I put a fake egg in the nest box to help the situation.
    BOY WAS I SURPRISED to see this morning, for the first time, my flock running around chasing one girl with half an egg in her mouth! It was a leghorn egg, carried by the Australorp, but they were all in on it. The little pinky-brown egg was still safe and sound (and freshly laid, it appeared) in the box.
    GAAAAAAAA!!! So, I'm miffed.
    Did I screw up by putting the fake egg in? Has this been happening for a while and I finally caught them? I read the other threads and I'll be starting research about the "roll away" nest box, but we're literally a little backyard operation in the middle of the city - not fancy! Our girls sleep in a converted doghouse.
    I'd appreciate your thoughts.
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    Quote:No, actually that's probably a good idea, this will teach them that pecking the egg is a waste of time, etc.

    Quote:Probably. [​IMG]

    Quote:You can make the roll away simple, just be sure not to angle it toooo much as you don't want high speed eggs smacking a wall. I'd suggest lining the chicken access able area of the roll away with cardboard and the non accessible part with foam, but the kind that will stand up to weather and not mold.

    Also, you might add more calcium so the eggs don't break as easily when pecked. This might be all you need to do. Many ways to do this: Free choice oyster shell, layer feed high in calcium, mix feed with milk as a treat, sesame seeds, Broccoli, Kale, Spinach...
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    Ditto on EliteTempleton's response!! [​IMG]

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