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Mar 7, 2010
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I have read posts where others casually mention that exploded eggs are gross and otherwise unpleasant.

Nothing prepared me for my first egg explosion.

It was utterly VILE!

I am a mother and pet owner. I have cleaned poop from every kind of animal out of every kind of place. Still doesn't compare to the odor that is currently permeating my kitchen.

I have been known to forget about leftovers in the back of the fridge, only to find them weeks (or months) later with mold so thick the original food is unrecognizable. The stench is pleasant compared to that of the exploded egg.

I have found sippy cups of milk hidden in my car for hot summer weeks. Downright fragrant compared to that egg.

I would rather perform an appendectomy on myself than smell that smell again! I am considering selling my home because the kitchen now brings back horrible nauseating memories of the exploded egg. I will NEVER be able to eat an egg again. EVER.

Yes, it was THAT disgusting.
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I had my first egg explode a couple weeks ago. A TURKEY egg, no less. The house still don't smell right.

I've done all of those things as well, and thinking of something so gross that an old-curdled-milk sippy cup paled in comparison... wow. Off to candle my eggs now...
OH it is horrid! I had my first explosion in my hovabator a couple weeks ago. I think that affected my hatch rate greatly! I am super cautious now. I sniff out every egg everyday in my brinsea now because I dont want my brinsea nasty smelling!
So, should this egg have showed a blood ring? Are those the eggs that explode, or can any egg do it? I candled all of my eggs a week or so ago and they all seemed to be developing. This egg was due to go into lockdown tomorrow. Then - BOOM - nasty, milky, green goo went all over everything. It even made a popping sound when it erupted. I will never be the same.
Sorry this happened to you. I dread the thought that this may happen to anyone, even with candling. I do my best to avoid it by candling. First candle after 5 days, it should show blood vessels. Those that don't get marked and put aside in the incubator. Day 10 candling again. No sign of development so they go into the trash. The rest should show bodies now and the airsack should be larger. Those that have no reduction in airsack are very suspicious and may get marked or dumped. Day 15 last candle, they should all be dark, here I weed out and dump all that have not developed right. Too light or airsack to small will be out. Still no guarantee but it will reduce the risk of explosions. The problem is that we tent to give eggs more chances, since we want them all to hatch, and end up with explosion. Sometimes it is better to take a smaller hatch then to take the chance of explosion.
Oxyclean seems to work well on neutralizing the odor.
Baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and a drop of liquid soap works well to. It also works on skunk juice.
Air and sunshine will take care of the rest.
Making a Styrofoam incubator less susceptible:
Pain the inside with bathroom caulking and let dry for a few days. Make sure that vent holes do not get covered.

I have never heard of an egg explosion, it does sound really gross though. How does it happen? What causes it? Is there any way to prevent it?
That is VERY descriptive...enough for me to throw out those in the incubator I was giving a final chance to.
I'm not taking the chance they'll explode, not me.
You explained it very well...well enough that I don't CARE what will clean it up (though thanks for the info) I don't want to deal with it.
on what day incubation does egg explosion typically occur?

just want to be extra careful on those high risk days... if that can be done....that is...

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