Egg Felt Hard Inside?

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6 Years
Sep 3, 2013
We gathered eggs yesterday morning, and I found one that when you shook it a tiny bit it felt hard inside. I thought perhaps there could be a developing chick inside, which would be difficult considering we don't have a rooster. When it was cracked and put into a measuring cup to check it out, nothing out of the ordinary, other than the membrane was super hard to open. No bad smells. What on earth made the egg feel like it was full of rocks?
If you have no rooster then there is no way there could have been a chick inside. Did the yolk seem different at all? It may have just been a tightly formed egg which made it sound harder than it otherwise would be in a bigger, open egg. (If that makes sense.)
A tightly formed egg would make sense. I had a hard time breaking it open and getting it out. I live in the country but we do have neighbors who have a few roosters. I wondered if it were possible they met each other somehow, lol.
If your neighbors have roosters than its a possibility... but fertilized eggs have a bullseye in them you can look up pics on here and look at your eggs when your making them! Many roosters will travel ;)
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