egg fixing to hatch under coop where I can't reach them?


9 Years
Feb 24, 2010
I have a Broody hen that decided she would sit at the most inconvinient spot in the whole chicken pen! Right in the very far corner under the chicken coop!
I can only see her when I crouch on the ground and look at her. It's still hard to see her though because she's a very small OEGB. Her eggs are due to hatch any day now and they are due to hatch right when I go on vacation!
I'll have family staying home and taking care of the chickens for me, But My question is, What do I do if they hatch? I'm afraid that the big chickens will peck them and kill them! I mean, my hen is so small, she probably doesn't have a lot of room for the poor chicks to hide under her very good. I was thinking that I would poke a broom under the coop and try to run them out from under the coop? I have no clue. Help please!
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Is there any way that you can block off the area under the coop from the rest of the chickens? If so, I'd leave enough food and water tucked under there, and just block off the access to the underside of the coop. That way, momma and babies will be safe from the other bigger chickens.
I would do that if she wasn't in the very far corner of the coop. plus that's where all the big chickens go to chill and get shelter. There's wire on the back of the house so do you think I should cut the wire and get them out?

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