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    Hello everyone this is my first post. Before I get to my question. Just want to provide a little background. I have had a flock of hens for over three years. My flock has been as small as six to as large as over 30. Most of the eggs we get we sell or give away to friends/family.
    I do not refrigerate our eggs. We have not used our ac and the past week or so our thermoset has shown 87/90 degrees. I keep the eggs in our mud room in a plastic container in egg cartons. I usually keep 6-10 cartons in there at a time. This is a cool dark room. Then I take them on Wednesdays to sell. There not stored in this room for longer then a week. 90% of my eggs come out spotlessl. I gather them daily and keep very clean nesting boxes. The ones that need cleaning I spot clean with a damp cloth. In the past I have handled my eggs like this and never thought anything of it. Now I read something that an egg that gets wet/washed and is not refrigerated creates bacteria/salmonella. This has triggered my concern. I have read many articles/forums and the info is inconsistent. Can you all provide feedback for if you think what I'm doing is ok or not? Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to BYC [​IMG] Washing eggs do NOT create salmonella. The bacteria (if present) is transmitted to the egg during the egg formation process. Washing the eggs can remove the protective "bloom" on the shells, which helps keep bacteria out though. Here is more info on storing eggs etc:
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