egg hanging out the backside

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  1. This morning I removed a "leathery" egg that was hanging externally from the vent. It was busted open but as far as I can tell the entire shell was there. I did pull the last inch of egg shell out of the chicken. I gave her a warm bath. She pooped a small amount, and some egg matter. Anything else I should do? Do I repeat the bath tomorrow? She perched last night just fine. She isn't coming outside to free range, just hanging out in the hen house.
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    Think that if you have cleaned her out the best you can, time will tell as it's up to her. Give her some vitamins, etc. in the water to help during stressful times. That's what we far so good, knock on wood.
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    I would be a little concerned if she is not leaving the hen house. I have not had any egg issues with mine, (other than soft shells) but do know that when they stay inside, they are not happy. I would be sure to check her rear end a couple of times a day to see what the situation is. Some ointment on it would be a good idea..neosporin or vaseline...something to keep it moist. I might even rub a little up into her insides since she had difficulty passing the egg. Watch to see if she is eating and getting water. And watch her outputs to see if they are normal.

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