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5 Years
Sep 14, 2014
Please help. We have inherited beautiful Silkies that someone abandoned in our yard. This morning the female had an egg hanging completely out of its body surrounded by membrane. She was walking around and eating normally. No lethargy or distress observed. We have researched and done what was discussed. We put it in a warm bath, but cannot find the opening where it is supposed to exit from. We have poked, and prodded to no avail. We have put the egg back inside followed with another warm bath, but nothing has changed. We know there has to be an opening, but it is not visible even after lots of prodding,poking and gently inserting finger. Is it safe to cut the membrane and just take the egg out, which is now mushed? Thanks for any help. We don't want to lose her.
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Yes, you need to pull that out of her. She obviously was unable to put a shell on the egg. Never push these things back in. Pull all that you can out of her. Put on a latex glove and see if you can't get all of this out of her. Don't break anything as you don't want yolk up in the oviduct. Make sure she is on a good layer feed and oyster shell on the side.

Stress can also cause hens to not put a shell on too. If this continues to happen, you may need to give her some human calcium pills to help her put a shell on.

Good luck an I hope this was just a glitch in her laying system.
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X2 defiantly get that out of her. Never push something like that back in. Using gloves, gently pull everything you can out. Then if her vent area seems red or irrated apply some Vaseline. Make sure she has lots if calcium and water. These will help keep her eggs moving smoothly.

Good luck!
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X2 on TwoCrow's and MountainPeeps advice. I've had one hen with a prolapsed vent before, but it wasn't this serious (no egg hanging out). Warm water baths and honey applied to the protruding tissue worked for me in a couple of days. An egg hanging out makes it more serious, though.
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I'm sorry to hear about your prolapsed hen.
The posters above have given you good advice. Good luck with her!
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You will find a lot of good information here. Keep on asking questions and you will get many good answers.

You may also want to read the FAQ below.
I hope your hen is okay now. I have heard of people using preparation H(for hemorrhoids) to help keep the prolapse inside but don't know if it works, or is safe for chickens. Please don't try unless others confirm it is okay.
you could carefully trim some of her fluff back there, so it is easier to keep her clean. Please do not allow her outside yet, as flies may lay eggs around her vent. Maggots can be horrible to "evict."

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