Egg hatched in egg turner


Apr 26, 2017
Howdy. I have been putting eggs in this incubator with egg turner and the eggs are all set to hatch at different times. This one hatched first. What should I do?


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I don't have enough information but would you rather have an injured leg in a live chick or not turn eggs for a bit?
What are the due dates for all the eggs in there?
Egg turning and removal of live chicks has to be projected when doing a staggered hatch.
If eggs are pipping, you can't open an incubator.
If you keep your settings about 5-10 days apart, it is doable. Just remember that the first 10-14 days are critical for turning so that needs to be calculated into timing setting of eggs. Just hold new eggs 10 days so you don't have chicks hatching continuously.
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