egg hatching but may have a problem


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Sep 15, 2014
My eggs are hatching and one of the eggs have irregular pips and ive noticed in the last hour one it has a little bit of liquid coming out and a drop of blood but this has stopped and just wondering if this is common or not. any help much appreciated
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Just spent an hour trying to help this chick it wasnt chirping and I rang a friend and he helped me and the poor chick in the egg she couldnt get air I think the liquid was like egg white it had it stuck around its beak and couldnt move so I think she ran out of energy and and when the liquid got hard it held her beak and stopped her getting air so I just gaveher a burial but on an upside half of my eggs have hatched today
I had the sane issue with my last hatch and my hatch rate was 1/12. I was told it was bacteria, from when my bator fell and a egg broke. Did bacteria somehow get in there?
I have no idea if it did I usually pour boiling hot water through my incubator to sterilize it
How's the chick doing? I would just make sure if can breath and leave it be. Is today day 21?
the chick passed away and yesterday sadly my assistance was too late. I had seven chicks hatch successfully and I have 7 more that hasnt pip yet and yesterday was day 21.
Thanks peep-chicken and atleast if I see it next time ill know what to do

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