Egg hide and seek

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    Jun 26, 2009
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    I never made a nesting box, because my first layer was only 16 weeks when she started laying (I thought I'd have another month or so), and I had just finished fort knoxing their coop and needed a break. So I just let her lay her eggs in the hay beneath the coop. There was just enough room for me to squeeze in there and retrieve her eggs. Now a few more girls have started laying and they're hiding them from me. I have to search everywhere under the coop to find them, and I think one may have hid one behind my hostas yesterday (I saw her sneak under there and come out 10 minutes later). What can I do? I put golf balls in the nest I want them to lay in, but they didn't get the hint.
    Anyone have any helpful hints? Or am I doomed because I didn't make them a nesting box? IF I make one now, will they start laying there?

  2. Baymule

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    Jul 1, 2010
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    Build a nest box, mine is 32" wide, not divided. Keep them cooped up for a few days and put wire or enclose the bottom of the coop so they can't get back under it.

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