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Jun 13, 2013
I have 5 hens that we have raised from chicks and finally 1 of the 5 has begun to lay beautiful blue eggs. Yesterday morning and this morning I found a soft egg shell (brown) from another hen on the floor of the coop. The shell isn't all there, it's more of a half shell and its very soft. I'm concerned that two days in a row we have a chicken that is having eggs that aren't formed properly. The feed we use has added omega 3 as well as calcium so we should be good there and besides the other hen we have lays eggs that are just perfect. Any idea on what is going on and if it will stop?
When egg production begins the eggs may be small, or soft, double yolks, etc.. It may take a few more months before they lay regularly and also lay standard size/shape eggs on a regular schedule.

I have been having a similar, if not the same problem. My hens are about seven months old, and usually give me a couple good eggs a day. But in the mornings I am finding soft, light tarnish colored shells, rarely with a yoke, on the floor or run. But my chickens seem healthy and get plenty of feed for egg layers with added calcium, I am hoping that waiting will work. :fl

I will try to get a picture or two after work to compare...good luck, though! :)

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