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    I have a RIR, 1 Blue Andelusian and 1 ameracauna. They are 18 weeks and I was wondering how you know when they are going to start laying. Do they do anything different? What are the telltale sigs of soon-to-be egglaying?
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    Should be any time now. They can vary a bit.
    I've never seen any sign in mine, but some people will see them going into nests or squatting before laying. Good luck

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    Jun 16, 2009
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    I am hoping going in the nest box and making a lot of noise is a good sign an egg will be coming soon. My Rhode Island Red 20 weeks old was hanging in the box for over an hour and then just started squawking (she is very noisy anyway and she was quiet that hour in her box). Once she jumped down and out in the run I checked the box and nothing....Maybe later
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    Quote:that is exactly what my lady did on friday and when I got home from work she had gone to a different box and that is where she has laid since. 3 for 3.
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    when you go to pet them, they squat down and hold their wings out - (waiting for a rooster!!) if they do this, pet them and they will stay right there while you are stroking their backs. their vent pulses. once done petting they will shake and walk away.

    usually after this happens eggs come within a week or so.

    i have 8 pullets at 20 weeks. i have 5 now doing this, 3 are laying now. i check the others daily. best sign i have found!!!

    good luck.
    any day...

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