egg laying drop in spring

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    Hi there. I have a mixed flock of 8 hens. They are just shy of 10 months old and have been laying for 4 to 5 months. Our winter temperatures were pretty mild this year minus 5 to 10 C. I supplimented their light as well. The teperatures are warming up and days are longer now that it is spring yet my egg production is dropping. there are a few feathers in the coop but not many. Can chickens molt in spring? Would higher protein help (they are fed natures harvest layer pellets plus fruits and veggies). The insects have only just started buzzing around the yard this week so the hens have not had them to eat all winter.

    Thanks for any suggestions. I am new to raising chickens.:)
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    Hi there, and [​IMG]

    Your girls will need around 14 hours of daylight in order to be able to lay well, but if you are providing additional light they should be fine.

    My chickens had a partial moult around 9 months of age, so perhaps that might be your issue. It was a fairly light moult, just a few feathers around the head and neck area from memory, and it did briefly disrupt their egg laying.

    You could try providing a little extra protein - think meat, scrambled eggs, meal worms. I would think that as they get over that, and the days start to lengthen, they will swing into egg laying fairly quickly for you.

    - Krista

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