Egg laying has begun


14 Years
May 24, 2008
I have 23 beautiful quail and tomorrow they will be 6 weeks old. I got two eggs today for the first time. Amazing how soon they begin to lay! The roo's are crowing but not quite so loudly as last year. There are birds in my backyard that are much louder. As long as they don't crow in unison and all night long, then I will be happy. And they will live to see many more weeks of life.

Also, I just switched them over to normal gamebird layer and the poop does not smell as bad as when using the high protein feed.
Isn't it amazing how early they start? I'll have to check to see how old mine are, but I got a first egg today as well. They can't be more than 6 weeks old!! I think my youngest layer so far was an A&M, and I believe she was just under 5 weeks. Congrats on the eggs!! Many more to come
how low is the protien now? You have to remember that quail need a high protien ration egg laying may drop eventually if this new feed isnt high enough so just keep that in mind

As for the roos, they wont crow all night long and not so inessantly as long as the roo to hen ratio is kept strong
Plenty of hens, happy roos.
Someone else had told me that lower protein affects the egg fertility as well, so you might want to keep that in mind.

What protein level is your feed? My feed store only gets one that is like 19%, which is lower than what I had been feeding them (at 20%). I think I'm going to go back to the higher one, just to be safe.
This is the same Purina game bird plummage/flight conditioner that I use for all of my birds. I think it is 20% protein. They seem to lay like clockwork most of the year on this feed. They are fat and healthy. They also get some of my homemade whole wheat bread leftovers periodically. They gobble it up! Must be the buttermilk and butter that they love ..............

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