Egg laying song


9 Years
Dec 6, 2010
As everyone keeps talking about the egg laying song I got thinking how about some words for her egg laying song

to the tune of Id like to teach the world to sing (why that one

Id like to tell the world I laid
that big fat chicken egg
Im Scrappy do and its my egg
I am the big top hen

I laid that big fat chicken egg I do it every day
and if that human pinches it
I peck until it hurts
I'm the big top hen

I claim my egg and any egg laid by the other hens
and if you wonder why that is
cos I'm Scrappy Doo
Im the big top hen

I boss the other girls around because Iam the best
and if they dont do what I want
I peck them in the arse
Im the big top hen
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Ok ok newbie here. What is the laying song. I see they start doing It just before starting to lay. Is it like long soft coos and soft clucks and clicks? I know call me a rookie.
"Bok Bok Bok Bok Bok Bok Bok Buh-GAWK!" Repent endlessly (for some hens) at high volume. Not every hen sings the Egg Song. Some hens will sing in chorus - sorta - with those that start it off. Some roosters will join in the chorus. I had one hen who would sing it at the top of her lungs for nearly twenty minutes after she laid her egg every day. She was a Light Brahma and her eggs were very special - I know because she told us so! :gig
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I'm a newbie too and had to youtube the egg song :)
Then I heard it from my own hen Oda Mae, a RIR, when she started laying. It was hilarious! As quiet as Buffs are normally, my one girl Daisy is the loudest at announcing her egg.

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