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    Hi guys, sorry I know this is the wrong forum for this question but I couldn't find any others. So we have 5 chooks, 2 laying hens, 2 suspected hens and one that we aren't sure about. Lately we have been getting a fair few "fart eggs" (eggs with no yolk) These eggs are extremely small basically the size of a silkie egg but look the colour of an Isa Brown egg. We have 3 silkies, one Isa brown cross, and not sure of the other hens breed. Both Isa brown and the "breed not known" hen are about 2-3 years old. The silkies are 4 months, 2 live inside so they are eliminated from the problem, but one lives outside with the flock. Both hens lay constantly everyday missing maybe one day a month. Today we collected 5 eggs, 2 that are definitely from the day before, one from the hen with the unknown breed, one from the Isa Brown and the other was a fart egg. The day before we also collected a fart egg around the same size. The past 4 weeks we would on average have at least 2-3 "fart eggs" a week. The silkie that lives outside has crowed once but also continuously sings "the egg song." So basically what I'm wondering is can a hen of 4 months lay eggs and lay constant "fart eggs"? Or is there a chance these fart eggs are constantly being laid by my 3 year old Isa Brown?
    I would really appreciate some ideas on this, sorry for how long this is,
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    I think This!!!

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