Egg laying


10 Years
Sep 7, 2013
I just got from a friend 2 bantam hens that were laying but havent for me yet.ive only had them for a week now.I put a light in the coop but so far no eggs yet.Any suggestions for me.thanks
Most bantams tend to be spotty layers anyhow, and it is probably a combination of a couple of things going on. What breed are they? Moving chickens to a new home, or anything that upsets them, will often make them stop laying eggs for awhile, a couple weeks to a couple months. This time of year, a lot of chickens are also going into molt, which will also stop them laying. Are they eating and drinking and acting OK otherwise? Do you still have them in a pen or do they free range at all? Bantams also are pretty good at hiding eggs. But you'll probably just have to be patient until the girls get used to their new home. Also, :welcome
Thanks havent let them out of the run yet even though they having been looking at it.they are acting normal eating drinking getting a few more birds end of this week.will let them all free range in a few weeks when im around.not sure what kind of bantam they are.

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