Egg looked like it had been pecked?

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    May 16, 2010
    You may have seen some of my older posts regarding my two hens, one of who we think is an internal layer, so doesn't lay at all (although she is still pootling along fine) and the other that is laying soft shelled eggs, or ones that break in the nest. We've upped their calcium intake, adding a calcium supplement to their water, but the eggs are still very thin and weak shelled, and still often break. We noticed that, while we were on holiday, we left some yoghurt for our neighbour to feed to them, and he was collecting one egg a day - although quite thinly shelled, they were definitely better.
    We haven't been feeding them yoghurt recently, but will start again, as it seemed to make a difference. However, today we found an egg that looked as though it had been pecked, and the white+yolk ''sucked'' out. It's definitely not rodents or any other 'visitors' - they have a large but fenced enclosure. While they are often just smashed and broken, this looked like one of them (or both...) had tried to eat it!
    I've read this can be because of a lack of calcium, but they have lots of oyster shell and grit in hoppers and scattered around, and the calcium supplement, and get lettuce and other veggy/fruity treats...
    One point though that may be useful - they're not eating their pellets. We usually have to refill their almost empty feeder daily, but now it stays pretty much full for a week!! We think the company could have changed the recipe or something, because they just stopped eating. However, they will eat them if I put some in my hand. We've not changed the feeder -they always used to eat out of it fine, but not any more!


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