Egg Pecking


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6 Years
Sep 21, 2013
We have 2 Cinnamon Queens and 1 RIR. Our Cinnamon Queens have been laying for about 6 months and our RIR should start laying any day now. Within the last month, we have developed an egg pecker. They don't eat the eggs, just peck a small hole through the shell of one egg and that's it. We have been feeding them oyster shells hoping to cure any calcium deficiency, and have also been trying to collect the eggs in a timely fashion, though sometimes we still get an egg with a hole in it. Any suggestions on how to cure this problem?
Golf ball in the nest. I have read of many people that "cured" this habit because it didn't feel good to the hen to peck the ball. Everyone that I have read about doing this says the same thing...collect all eggs as close to laying time as possible and have a couple of balls in there.
We do have golf balls in there also. Apparently they just move them out of the way.

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