Egg pipped, been hours - not sure what to do


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Dec 12, 2011
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I have some pheasant eggs in the incubator. Two of the eggs have small cracks where the chicks have started to pip but they started about 12 hours ago. I don't know what I should do - if anything at all... Another chick that began pipping has hatched. I took one of the chipped eggs out to listen to it and I could hear pecking going on inside.

Should I just leave them alone or should I open the egg shell a bit?? This is my first time incubating - I'm worried I don't want to ruin my hatch if I haven't already.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
chicks can stay in the egg for 1-2 days after pipping. they need to take a break. they will come out on their on time. don't worry. my chicks spent almost 15 hrs after pipping taking a break.
Its ok! My first hatch (about a month ago) the same thing happened! It took them around 24 hours to start zipping. Now I'm on hatch two, just put them in lockdown!! Can't wait!!! :D

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